How to Get Stains Out of Cloth Diapers!

Almost every cloth diaper parent has a question for "How do I get rid of stains from my cloth diapers?" Here are two natural stain removers that you can use to keep your diapers looking as good as new.


ALWAYS recommend sunlight first. Sunlight is a great natural way to remove stains. Stains on the cloth diaper will magically disappear in a few hours due to ultraviolet rays from the sun, and you don't worry about the chemical harm or the cost.

Here’s how to do it:
Wash your cloth diapers as usual. Lay wet diapers flat with the stained area facing the sun for 2-3 hours and make sure to rewet diapers if the stain isn't fully removed by the time it is dried.

Lemon Juice

If sunning doesn’t work, you can use an extra boost by using lemon juice instead of water this time. Prepare a solution by mixing 50% lemon juice with 50% water, spray over the stains. Then lay the diaper in the sun, stain side up. Not only will most stains be gone, but your diapers will also smell fresh!
If you use lemon juice, be sure to wash the diaper again to avoid possible burns from the citric acid.

Some tips from our customers in our FB VIP group.

Claudia Saldivar
Just remove solids right away and give the diaper a quick rinse and let them to air dry has worked so well for me. Not a single stain.

Brittany Greer
To help with staining, I use a fleece liner I made from a blanket! It’s helped save a lot of diapers. I also try my best to rinse them immediately if possible with cold water! I haven’t had any staining so far.

Sanders Haker
Scrub any big messes with cold water before washing.

Juana Paula
Cloth diaper must pre-wash (I use bidet when there's poop) right after use. This will eliminate the possible cause of stain and then air dry.
But it can't really be avoided, so I pre-wash, soak them in baby detergent with the right portion of bleach and place them under the sun (using a basin). In the Philippines, we call it "Kula". After 15-30 minutes, I wash them thoroughly and finally hang to dry. Sometimes I use bamboo liner so poop won't go direct to nappy.

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