Climate Change & Consciousness

It's time for us to take action to reverse climate change by reducing pollutants such as carbon emissions which is a big contributor to global warming and anything else destroying our planet. We have been using efficient packaging method by packing products in bulk to our authorized retailers.


We are on the mission of raising awareness of environmental issues to advocate people living environmental friendly lifestyle to protect our earth.

What we have been doing and planing to do are all about protecting our planet by reducing waste, using biodegradable materials and anyway we could to save environment so that our future generation could be able to inherit a beautiful environment from us.

Product Commitment

Our focus is on safety and quality for your children. All of our products are CPSIA certified, and we are working on using organic, recyclable and sustainable materials as possible as we could.

Eco-friendly Materials

We use eco-friendly, non-toxic water-based inks for all our of our products. We use biodegradable compostable corn packaging to reduce cutting trees and protect our forest. Our cloth diaper pack bag are resealable and can be used for restocking socks, toys, or anything you would like.

Reduce Landfill

We strive to reduce landfill by passing cloth diapers to anyone who still need them before they stay in the trash can. We created a wonderful BST group for this purpose and you can find more info at Official Mama Koala Cloth Diaper B/S/T. We also reduce landfill by donating our returns in good conditions to THE CLOTH OPTION which is a charity organization in the Unite States to offer diapers for people in need, and you can find more information at

Appreciation & Our mission

Our customers are our motivation to produce more eco-friendly products, and we appreciate having you in the journey of saving our environment together. We know that eco-friendly cloth diapers are just a small step to go green, we believe every step helps.

Our company is environmentally conscious. Our staff has dedicated themselves to go green and advocate more people around us. We hope to influence more people to adapt to this way of life to protect our planet.