Mama Koala has been committed to the production of reusable cloth diapers and insists on using user-friendly design and high-quality materials to make excellent products. By providing practical guidance related to cloth diapers creating groups for moms to exchange child care knowledge and emotional support to each other. We hope to become an advocate of a healthy and green lifestyle, and a reliable partner in the journey of cloth diapering. To ensure the quality of each Mama Koala product, we have established our own integrated team, including the Production, Design, and R&D Departments which is formed mainly by moms.

All Mama Koala products go through strict inspections, however we strive to improve continuously. We treat each of our products as an art work, and each one is environment friendly and produced with care and love. Our goal is once you receive our products, you love them not only because of the beautiful prints but also easy to use and good quality.

The majority of this team are mothers who have small children. Because of that, we’re very well aware of all the difficulties women face when they want to go back to work after having a baby. Due to the affect of COVID-19 and the nature of our line of work, we implemented a Flexible Work Policy. The employees can work at home as their wish so that they could balance their responsibilities as mothers and employees. We regard Respect as the foundation of the brand's core value, and we believe that only true respect can bring sincere understanding, so as to provide users with better services. We have established a Native English speaking customer support team in the United States to have a better understanding of our customer's needs. Our service concept is "Always be ready to serve our customers." We are proud to be a part of your cloth diapering journey and being helpful to ease your anxiety and exhaustion, and we are happy for any little joy you are experiencing by cloth diapering.

Honesty is the highest principle of the Mama Koala team, it means being honest with employees and customers. Each diaper of Mama Koala is labeled with a batch number. Once a new problem arises, we encourage customers to send the product back in order for us to figure out the reason behind the problem in a timely manner. Since Mama Koala products can be traced back to the employee who produced it, we will provide further instructions to the employee who made the mistake, thereby improving their skills and improving our products. We don't believe in quick decision to fire employees but educate them and let them grow with us together. We also award our exceptional employees thereby encouraging them to do better and better.

The Design Team is a gathering of excellent mother designers who understand children's needs and likes, so our designers are a good fit and overloaded with cuteness. Our design concept is based on green, health, comfort, and fashion. Mama Koala always demonstrates the constant pursuit of quality by delicate craftsmanship.

The environmental purpose of Mama Koala is to adopt degradable and sustainable recycling materials to reduce the generation of waste. Biodegradable materials are gradually applied to our packaging bags. Together with all customers, we hope to create a change in reducing waste and land-filling disposable products.