How We Cloth Diaper

I knew before having Yitzchak that I wanted to cloth diaper but it felt so overwhelming. There were so many choices: pocket diapers, all-in-ones, 2 pieces, hybrids. We decided on pocket diapers because they were affordable and versatile.

We started cloth diapering at a couple months old when Yitzchak was big enough to fit in the one-size diapers. We have used @mamakoalainc diapers since the beginning. They kindly sent us a set of their new 2.0 diapers which we are really excited about because they even have a newborn setting which should allow us to use them from birth next time.

Cloth diapering has been way easier than we anticipated! Our process is as follows!

Step 1 - Supplies

We have always used Mama Koala pocket diapers. Pocket diapers have two parts: an absorbent inner and a waterproof outer.

We chose pocket diapers because they tend to be more affordable and customizable: you can stuff with a second inner to increase absorbency. We also use a wet bag in our diaper pail and a diaper sprayer on the toilet.

Step 2 - Prepare the Diapers

We adjust the outer to the desired size using the snaps. We then fold the inner to fit the outer, slide it in, and make sure it is tucked in back.

Step 3 - Diaper as Usual

We diaper the same way as we would with disposables. We just make sure the diaper is snug to decrease the risk of leaks.

Step 4 - Changing the Diaper

When it is time to change the diaper we take the diaper off. Then we remove the inner lining from the pocket.

If there is solid waste, we spray with a diaper sprayer. Then we place in the wet bag in the diaper pail.

Step 5 - Laundry Day

We do laundry every few days. Frequency depends on how many diapers you have. We put the diapers in the wash and first run a cold cycle with no detergent. Then we add the detergent and run a hot cycle.

Note: check to make sure your detergent is diaper safe. Many natural detergents are not.

Step 6 - Drying

We dry the inners in the dryer but hang the waterproof outers to day. Then we re-stuff the diapers and repeat!

Did you cloth diaper? Would you consider it? Do you have any questions about the process?


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