Tips for Using Cloth Wipes with Cloth Diapering

Meet our newest family member - Cloth wipes, cloth diaper’s best friend. If you are a caregiver who uses cloth diapers, you might like to try cloth wipes. The truth is that it's easier to change from disposable to reusable cloth wipes.  

Our 2-layer cloth wipes are made from 80% bamboo viscose fiber and 20% polyester and are 7.8"x7.8". They don’t have any harsh chemicals or additives found in regular disposable wipes. Thus, they are gentle and perfect for babies' bottoms.

Here are some answers to the FAQs of cloth wipes.

Cleaning the Bums

To clean the poop bums, all you need is wipes and water.

The simplest way is to use plain tap water. You can prepare a stack of cloth wipes at the diaper change area. And wet it from the tap with warm water when it is time for a change.

Another option is to prepare a spray bottle of warm water next to the changing station and spray your baby's bottom or on the wipe as they are getting ready for a diaper change. If you are not at home, it's convenient to keep a spray bottle in your diaper bag at all times.   


To store dry cloth wipes: stack them up and place them in a drawer, shelf or disposable wipe container! Wet wipes should be stored in a closed container.

Wash and Care

  • Machine washable.
  • Wash once before first use.
  • Wash temperature under 40°C.
  • Tumble dry low.
  • No bleach or fabric softener.

Toss dirty wipes in your regular diaper laundry - no separate washing is required. If you find that you're getting stains in your wipes, hang them to dry on direct sunlight while they're wet to sun bleach stains.

Cloth wipes can be your secret weapon, their uses are endless!! They can be used as baby face towels, to wipe up drool, clean up spills, wipe down the high chair, remove make-up, to wash your hands or face.

What do you use your cloth wipes for?