#TogetherForOurPlanet Design Contest Winners Announcement

We’re excited to share the winning entries from the Mama Koala first #TogetherForOurPlanet Design Contest. 

Congratulations to Denise Michelle L. Fuster, MENG-HSUAN LEE, Miranda Leticia Acevedo Grado, Judie Andrei Jubilado and Irish Macaranas

The winners’ designs will be put into production, and our worldwide retailers will carry our products with the designs beginning around April, 2022. For each diaper sold of the winning design, we will donate one diaper of a random print to TheClothOption. You can find more information about The Cloth Option at http://theclothoption.org/

Here are the winners and their artwork:

NAME: Denise Michelle L. Fuster   


While I was designing the nappy, I made sure to highlight the use of cloth nappies, which has become my advocacy since the birth of our son, hence the little baby bum shown central to the back image design.
The rainbow is a reminder that there is so much color in the environment, that there will always be a calm after any storm, that with every end is a beautiful beginning.
The infinity symbol is included to visualize that love and passion for the environment should never end because there is and will only be one earth, and the rainbow ribbons that go on and on symbolizes that no matter what, life will and should go on, with no wasted moment and with much appreciation for what our one world offers us.



Galaxy is like an endless and mysterious ocean.
There are countless stars in space and each one is like different dream.
Everyone has different dream in mind.
What is your dream? Find the one.

NAME: Miranda Leticia Acevedo Grado


I want to represent the people and the world, because we all make it. Joined hands, working together and a single purpose which is the well-being and sustainability of the planet.We are the heart of the planet and the planet is our heart.No matter how small an action seems or is, it will do a huge impact just as cloth diapers.

NAME: Judie Andrei Jubilado


Seashore - The design is a picture of a beautiful shoreline. You would rarely see it nowadays because there are tons of garbage even in beautiful beach locations. My hope is that as we look at this design, purchase and use reusable diapers, we are reminded that our children and our children's children deserve to be in such a beautiful place and we can make make it possible by reducing trash.

NAME: Irish Macaranas


The chains represent the five elements: air, water, fire, earth and metal. while the hands with different color represent the people from different places, different countries and different race uniting and coming together for our planet.

We want to extend a special thank you to the designers of all the works and everyone who took part in the voting. We love to run such contests to give our customers the opportunity to showcase their talents, meanwhile encouraging more people to take action to help our environment.   

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