What Type of Cloth Diaper Inserts should I Choose?

You've picked out your favorite cute MamaKoala cloth diapers, but still feel overwhelmed by trying to decide which insert you will need to get started.

Don't stress, there are 4 types of inserts in the Mama Koala Cloth Diaper World. Each has its own PROS and CONS.

A chart to help you decide what might work best for you.

Microfiber Insert

Our 3-layer Microfiber Insert is made from 80% Polyester, 20% Nylon and fits many pocket diapers. It is lightweight, highly absorbent and ultra-soft making it perfect for daytime or nighttime use. However, they can be a bit bulky. We also do not recommend using microfiber directly against the baby’s skin.


  1. Fast absorption.
  2. Most economical.
  3. Dry quickly.


  1. Shorter lifespan.
  2. Compression leaks.
  3. Cannot go directly against baby’s skin.
  4. Can smell bad over time.
  5. Can be bulky.

Hemp Insert

Hemp is a natural and environmentally-friendly fiber that comes with a higher price tag, but it holds the most liquid. Our 3-layer hemp inserts have three layers made with 45% Hemp and 55% Cotton. They are very suitable for wet babies making them great for nighttime use. 


  1. Excellent absorbency.
  2. The most sustainable option.
  3. Naturally trim.


  1. More expensive.
  2. Feel stiffer.
  3. Dry slowly.

    Bamboo Insert

    Bamboo is a natural and sustainable fiber with incredible absorbency. Great for heavy wetters, making them ideal for nap time, night time or long car trips.

    We have two types of bamboo inserts.

    4 Layers Bamboo Blend Insert 


    • 11.5*5.2 inches for Newborn
    • 15.5*5.2 inches 


    • Outside 2 layers: 80% Bamboo Viscose Fiber, 20% Polyester  
    • Inside 2 layers: 89% Polyester, 11% Nylon

      5 Layers Bamboo Insert


      • 15.5*5.2 inches


      • 80% Bamboo Viscose Fiber, 20% Polyester   


      1. Soft.
      2. Absorb liquid quickly.
      3. Trim and absorbent.


        1. Most expensive.
        2. Long time to dry.

        Generally, you need at least 1 insert for each daytime pocket diaper and 2-3 inserts for each nighttime diaper. If you need extra absorbency for heavy wetters or for overnight, you can use more than one insert to increase absorbency. The most common combination to use is hemp or bamboo inserts on top and microfiber insert on the bottom. They are a great nighttime solution.

        No matter what insert you choose, you need to remember that those natural materials need multiple washes to become absorbent, wash 3-5 times before you use them, that way they'll reach their maximum absorbency capacity. Synthetic materials don’t require a lot of prewashes to perform well.  

        What is your favorite material so far? If you can’t decide, it may be a good idea to purchase some of them and try out to see which one works best for your baby.